Bloomfield Hills: Tips and Tricks in Bathroom Remodeling

A bathroom makes a huge impact in a person's everyday thoughts and mood, a place to release unwanted dirt and smell of the body inside out. When it comes to a bathroom remodel, it is considered a major project, needing the expertise of a professional to do the tiling, plumbing, drywalling, electrical, and exterior siding. It is important to hire a professional to help you with your bathroom or Bloomfield Hills Basement remodeling project for a smoother and faster work, and also consult a building inspector to go over the scope of your project and find out how much you are permitted to do. It is essential to have a good plan, and set enough budget allocation for bathroom fixtures you want to modify or replace.

It pays off ordering special-order fixtures, glass block panel, shower pan, tiles, and fittings in advance, and check all fixtures are shut-off before gutting the bathroom. Each time you move plumbing fixtures, it costs around $5,000 and that is too much if you are on a tight budget, so keeping your existing plumbing will really save you a lot. When it comes to tiling, you have to tiles the walls first and then the floor, and keep the tile about 1/8 inch away from the window glass block. For your bathroom mirror, it is best to frame-it up in order to hide any flaking that can occur around the edges, and to give it a more updated look. If you want a fresh and new look for your toilet, one practical solution without requiring tossing the whole porcelain perch is to replace your toilet seat and lid, that can save you from purchasing a whole unit and with plumber installation fees. You can also be creative and find a large piece of salvaged barn wood that can serve as a shower curtain valance, and check other great items in an antique shop, resellers, flea markets, and auctions. Hunt or an antique or vintage dresser and you can set a sink in it, cutting space to hide the plumbing, and having an entirely unique bathroom.

Find out alternatives to tile such as reclaimed wood panels, batten, and board, or beadboard as high-end looking tile replacements. Open shelving can give your small bathroom an illusion of space. A valuable change you can make for your bathroom is to bring lots of lights either through energy-efficient lights or bringing more natural light to your room by having green bathroom roofing. For your bathroom paint, try a vibrant color to pop up in your small space and coordinate with a detailed tile work. Find out more details about Bloomfield Hills bathroom remodeling, feel free to check or visit our homepage or website now -!showcase .